Welcome To Trish Twilley “My Simple Southern Life”

What is Trish Twilley’s “Simple Southern Life”?

I like to think of it as going Back To The Basics. Real life.
After doing a local classic country morning show, internet radio with LA Talk Radio, The Ladies Room, and doing PR for some reality television stars, I decided to start my own business that involved blogging—which includes a Trish Twilley podcast available on iTunes, a Trish Twilley YouTube Channel, and my website trishtwilley.com.
When I started blogging, my cooking became a part of my picture album. I was hearing a lot of “I can’t cook” or “How do you cook that” or “What’s your recipe”. After hearing from so many people, my kitchen studio was born and I decided it was time to share my cooking, my recipes….my way.
One wonderful offer you will find at “Trish Twilley’s “Simple Southern Life” will be cooking classes. Not just cooking classes, but fun cooking classes. A delicious choice for individuals or small groups to come into my kitchen and learn some good Southern Food Cuisine from Trish. It will be fun, you will laugh, and you’ll be making delicious memories…. ♥Crazy, Sexy, Country, And Fried!♥
You fun cooking instruction will start at $25 and up per class and can accommodate up to 6 people. The price will vary depending on the menu for each class. You will be provided with a small recipe card holder that you can add to after each class while building your very own cook book.
Call your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids, and come learn a recipe or two from Trish’s southern style kitchen!
Another wonderful offer from Trish’s place is DIY workshops! Bring in that piece of wood, furniture, or whatever needs some TLC and, together, we’ll make it a family heirloom! Prices will vary.

Trish Twilley’s “Simple Southern Life” Cook. Create. Laugh. Love.
It’s not about being a professional chef….it’s about laughing your way through learning how to show off in your kitchen for your family, friends, or any event.  Personal one-on-one classes are available, the fabulous retro/shabby chic/eclectic style venue is available to rent for small gatherings, and gift certificates are available…
I hope to see all of you very soon!
Trish ♥

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